Milliohmmeter MIKO-7 with basic software
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+7 (812) 500-25-48
+7 (3952) 719-148

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portable milliohmmeter

  • The instrument measures the electric resistance to direct current of windings of power transformers, of instrument voltage transformers, of instrument current transformers, of electric motor windings, of electric magnets, reactors, etc.

  • Automatic selection of the measurement range.

  • High precision: error does not exceed 0.1%.

Similar instruments

MIKO-7 with advanced functions
MIKO-8 - production of the device is discontinued. A new version of MIKO-8M with be delivered to the warehouse in the second quarter of 2018. Orders are accepted.

Comparison of instruments

  • Operates from a car battery and from the electric network.
  • Information about current buildup; determination of resistance or overheating of winding.
  • Substitutes the use of equipment set that includes a battery, ampere-voltmeters М2044 or М20510, bridges Р333 or Р3009, etc.
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Measurement parameters

Range of measurement 10 mkOhm ÷ 1 kOhm automatic selection of the measurement range
Time of measurement from 10 sec time depends on inductance of the measured object. Maximum measurement time on the ОРДЦ-533000/330000 transformer  is 7 min 51 sec.
Error of electric resistance measurement ± [0.001R + 0.5] mkOhm R - measured resistance.
Instrument current amperage 0.0014÷10.0 A automatic selection of the instrument current range.
Instrument current drift 0.0002 %/sec. in a minute after the measurements start.
Maximum output voltage 22 V ensures rapid growth of instrument current in the inductive circuit.
Limits of specified output power 0,3; 1; 5; 20; 62 W

Instrument parameters 

Power supply
network voltage 100÷242 V
100÷300 v
power voltage from the battery 11÷14 V
Maximum consumed power 120 W
Parameters of a instrument block
L x W x H 270×250×130 mm high operating currents at small size.
weight 3,2 kg
Working temperature

−20 ÷ +40ºС

the instrument is subjected to acceptance tests at a temperature of ambient air from -30 to +50ºС.

Operating conditions

IP rating of the instrument
IP for transportation IP64 in closed state the instrument can be subjected to different impacts and does not require specific conditions for transportation.
IP rating in operating state IP20
Rating of protection from current injury I instrument current is never exceeded; polarity reversal of cable ends and self-inductance of electromotive force in case of occasional cable disconnection are eliminated.
Warranty period 1 year
Service life 10 years
Inter-testing period 1 year

Demonstration of the instrument operation

Connect the instrument or to the electric network (220 W) or to a battery (12 W)

Simultaneous power supply from the network and the battery is not recommended.

Connect the red clamp of the cable to a plus battery terminal, the black one connect to minus battery terminal.

The instrument identifies the power source.

To start measurements, press «Start/Stop»

Determination of current in the winding.

Measurement is in progress

Replacement of three arrows ↓↓↓ by two ↓↓, then by one ↓ means continuous resistance reduction. Hence, the process of resistance identification is normal.

If arrows are replaced by a rhomb ♦, the measurement can be stopped by pressing «Stop».

The measurement is over. The readings are shown.

For repeated measurement press «Start/Stop».

To go back, press «Cancel».

Complete set

Instrument block of MIKO-7
A set of wires and attachments
SKB031.23.00.000 Main cable
SKB010.01.00.000 Ground wire
Two  safety devices ВП2Б-1В-2А
SKB023.15.00.000 Gauging equivalent of zero resistance
SKB126.06.02.000 Bag №2

Operations Manual 
Technical passport 
Gauging Certificate 
CD with documentation and software

Additional accessories (for extra pay)


Instrument cable, 8.5 m
"crocodiles" with jaws opening of up to 37 mm.

Instrument cable, 8.5 m
measurement from ground (35 kV), from the transformer cover (35÷500 kV), "crocodiles" with jaws opening of up to 80 mm.

Instrument cable, 3 m
resistance measurement following the four-terminal circuit in the inductive and non-inductive circuits. Two probes with red insulation and two probes with black insulation, "crocodiles" A25C.
SKB031.20.00.000 Extender for instrument cables 6.5 m.
SKB031.17.00.000 Cable for power supply from the battery 5 m.
СКБ126.06.00.000 A bag for cables and documentation

Operations Manual, Passport, Certificates, methodological materials